Mental Chronometry; Anytime, Anywhere

My PhD project. I examine to what degree mental chronometry (i.e. studying the speed of mental processes) can be conducted via smartphones. Products will include:

  • A robot-based assessment of the timing accuracy of keyboard and touchscreen devices. The robot was constructed by Bert Molenkamp. A pre-print of the paper is available.
  • An R-package for calculating bootstrapped split-half reliabilities.
  • A JavaScript engine that adapts graphical layouts of reaction time tasks to landscape and portrait screens of various aspect ratios. For this project, I collaborate with Felix Henninger.
  • A study that replicates classic reaction time effects on smartphones.

Other Notable Projects

  • An overhaul of the Advanced Neuropsychological Diagnostics Infrastructure (ANDI); a website for analyzing data of neuropsychological tests.
  • Online reaction time tasks for Neuromarketing company Neurensics.
  • UvAcare; online assessment of the mental health of students and employees of University of Amsterdam.
  • Cognitive bias assessment and modifcations by ADAPT Lab. My applications have supported over a hundred studies.

Past Projects