Below, you can find work I did on web experiment engines, data science, teaching, commercial projects, popularizing science, and some miscellaneous projects.

Web Experiment Engines

Presently, I'm working on PsychoJS; the online counterpart of PsychoPy. My work includes:

  • Setting up a continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) workflow, with extensive automated end-to-end testing
  • Integrating 3rd party libraries, such as WebGazer for eye-tracking
  • Streamlining end-user support
Past and side projects:

Data Science

These projects involve processing moderate to large psychology datasets:

  • For Pronk et al. (2021), I designed an R package for estimating split-half reliabilities (splithalfr)
  • I have performed a major overhaul of the data analysis pipeline of ANDI
  • An old project of mine (SANDRA) was an early attempt at standardizing the data processing pipeline of JASMIN data


  • The course "Programming in Psychological Science" to research master students for nine years
  • Methods and Statistics courses to bachelor students for three years.

Commercial Projects

  • Tweaking the database of the first iteration of OefenWeb
  • Online reaction time tasks for Neuromarketing company Neurensics

Popularizing Science

Miscellaneous Projects