Below, you can find work I did on web experiment engines, data science, teaching, commercial projects, popularizing science, and some miscellaneous projects.

Data Collection via Internet

Data Science

These projects involve processing moderate to large psychology datasets:

  • For Pronk et al. (2021), I designed an R package for estimating split-half reliabilities (splithalfr)
  • I have performed a major overhaul of the data analysis pipeline of ANDI
  • An old project of mine (SANDRA) was an early attempt at standardizing the data processing pipeline of JASMIN data


  • The course "Programming in Psychological Science" to research master students for nine years
  • Methods and Statistics courses to bachelor students for three years.

Commercial Projects

  • Tweaking the database of the first iteration of OefenWeb
  • Online reaction time tasks for Neuromarketing company Neurensics

Popularizing Science

Miscellaneous Projects