Life is more than PsychoInformatics! Below some bits of entertainment and recreation I made over the years.

Les Croissants Terribles

I played Kazoo in a singer-songwriter band. Our most memorable song might be "Sergey Says". Listen to the album version or see us epically failing a live performance at the Big Brother Awards 2014 in the International Theater Amsterdam.

Automated Interview

A collection of audio samples you can use to interview someone with. I conducted the automated interviewed a couple times on small art festivals. Try it yourself over here. NB - This is one of my earliest JavaScript applications, which disregards many proper programming conventions.


An organic garden near the psychology department of the University of Amsterdam, feeding hungry researchers since 2017. As any self-respecting garden, we're on Facebook.

T-shirt Prints

Once in a while I print a t-shirt with home-made artwork. You can see my designs over here.